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Black America Policy Recommendations for Biden-Harris Administration

Canceling Student Debt. President Biden should direct the Secretary of Education to cancel all student debt.

Removing Police From Schools and Restrict the Role of Law Enforcement in Schools. President Biden should call for the reallocation of funding for school resource officers to intervention and restorative supports for children.

Guaranteeing Health Care For All. President Biden should call for a guarantee of health care for all in his first Budget proposal.

Addressing Racial Violence by Police and Impose National Accountability Standards. President Biden should call on the Attorney General to prohibit federal grants to police agencies without the policies, training, and databases in place.


  • On behalf of our Officers, Members, Associates and Partners, the Plainfield Area NAACP continues to acknowledge and support all women. We extend our humble thanks to them for being family and community nurturers.

    This year, we highlight and proudly recognize the female volunteers in the:


          Plainfield Area NAACP

          Plainfield's Pemberton Avenue Block Association (PABA)

          Plainfield's Angels For Action

  • Our Honorees for this year's virtual program are as follows:

           Plainfield Area NAACP Black History Month Committee

           Mrs. Kim H. Montford

           Mrs. Marjorie Young

           Mrs. Joy Anderson-Manning

           Ms. Joyce Molleneaux

           Mrs. Melle Robinson

           Mrs. Sharon Robinson-Briggs

           Special Recognition to Dr. Lois Greene 


The Plainfield Area Branch / Unit #2100 is committed to the people of the Plainfield, NJ and surrounding communities. We have and continue to fight for people both young and old who are being discriminated against. We will continue to serve the needs of our changing community and we are here to help all those who need assistance.


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